Secure Structure, LLC

Remodeling and Repair Services
Secure Structure LLC is Licensed and Fully Insured

The Secure Structure team offers:

Full kitchen, basement, and bathroom remodels

-Custom patio and deck builds

-Drywall hanging and finishing

-Installing/ repairing laminate, tile and wood floor 

-Custom designed cabinet installation

-Interior and exterior Trim Work

-New concrete or repair

And much more!!!

Secure Structure offers free estimates on all of our services.

Preventive or Preventative Maintenance is routine maintenance which is designed to prevent the need for more costly repairs. By regularly engaging in activities which contribute to the upkeep of a home, a homeowner may be able to avoid serious problems and more expensive maintenance. Many people regard preventive maintenance as a critical part of caring for a home and this practice is generally viewed as cost effective, sound, and highly advisable for homeowners. Evidence of regular maintenance can also increase the resale value of a home by assuring buyers that the home was well cared-for.

Exterior Preventive Maintenance:

-Cleaning the gutters

-Re-painting the home and trim

-Staining and sealing decks

-Clearing brush and plants from side of home

-Checking drains and vents

-Roof inspection

Interior Preventive Maintenance:

-Wrapping pipes

-Cleaning carpets

-Replacing weather stripping

-Check insulation

-Check windows and leaks

Many people have a preventive maintenance schedule, which breaks up various tasks over the course of the year. By setting up a schedule, people ensure that each task is performed on a regular basis and costly repairs can be avoided. Spring and fall are prime times for preventive maintenance.

Call Secure Structure at 859-825-8875 today to set up your preventative maintenance appointment for your home.
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